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Brighter Skin Detox Ritual



Your Ritual begins with a pedicure spa bath and scrub. A pro skin brightening skin treatment follows, focusing on deep exfoliation and skin regeneration  to include beautifying Gua Sha massage with natural rose quartz stone. The use of deep relaxation aids throughout your treatment ensures sedative rest, completed with NEW Bright eyes touch therapy featuring Bio lumen C eye serum

100mins £70.00 


Dermalogica Deluxe Spa pedicure

Featuring NEW theramoliant body scrub & phyto replenish body oil, this deluxe pedicure is a real treat for your sole.  Using bamboo and sea salt scrub to remove dry and hard skin , adding super nourishment from replenishing body oil with essence of neroil, bergamot & patchouli, rich in avocado and french plum seed oil to restore where you need it most.  Completed with a toe nail file and polish.

75mins £40.00 

New Bio Lumen C Eye Serum


Your eyes never stop moving – brighten , lift & firm with New Bio Lumen C eye serum, designed to intensively illuminate & regenerate delicate skin around the eyes.


Not all vitamin C is the same, an ingredient widely known to degrade once opened, the genius product development team at dermalogica have created the most stable form of vitamin C on the market.  More bio available (volume of ingredient that can be absorbed) than any competitor with clinical studies showing minimal degradation of the core ingredient with notable improvment within 4 weeks.


Instore now RRP £63.00


Dermalogica top to toe indulgence

A little bit of pure dermalogica heaven.

NEW deluxe dermalogica spa pedicure followed by phyto touch back treatment and de-stress massage.  To complete the experience a pro skin 30 treatment leaving you rejeuvenated and revitalised

2hrs 30 mins